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Couverture - Johnny Nemo

Johnny Nemo
Johnny Nemo

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New London of 2921 is a crowded, filthy slime-pit awash with Death-Juice junkies, Latin-spouting armored fascists, exploding nuns and a religious cult who worship Bing Crosby’s left testicle. It’s also home to ultra-violent, foul-mouthed private eye Johnny Nemo – a streetwise PI who deals in death… and simple solutions to complex problems. The classic, remastered collection features never-before-seen art and is the crowing glory of award-winning writer, Peter Milligan (All-New Doop, Hellblazer, Shadowman) and artists Brett Ewins (Bad Company, Skreemer). 2014 Peter Milligan et Brett Ewins. All rights reserved.

Titan Comics

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