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Esteban T3

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After being chased into the icebergs far south of the Tierra del Fuego by a rival whaler, the Leviathan and her crew find themselves stuck in freezing seas and unbearably harsh conditions. Unable to go any further on his beloved ship, the captain decides that their only chance of survival is to get all the crew into rowing boats and brave the treacherous seas. It's tough going, but they're tough men...

Europe Comics

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par my2kmail le 25/05/2016 à 16h59

The first two volumes of Esteban were not exactly a slow burn and were intriguing and suspenseful, but nothing prepared me for where the third volume managed to go. As thrilling as the first two were, this one is tense and at times, quietly beautiful and touchingly personal- the best so far. This is a turning point, if everything was building up to this volume it's only upwards from here.

Of course, Bonhomme's artwork is perfect and immersive as always.