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LVDD - The Diary of Ebene Duta T1
Volume 1

Résumé de l'éditeur

Take a spoon of bad luck, a pinch of misunderstandings, all sprinkled with dire straits. Leave to simmer and you get the diary of Ebene Duta, a young black girl living far from her homeland... The story , written and drawn by Elyon 's is tasty at different levels. No speeches on a fantasized Africa or clichés on immigration or any erroneous perception attached to black identity. This series tells with simplicity and false innocence the daily life of a young black woman legally far from her homeland, and fully out of her comfort zone. With her friends, Lulu, Camille and Claire her gorgious cousin , take a breath of fresh air in a society that needs it so much.

Ebene Duta

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