Callède was born in the Landes (south-western France) on 18 November 1972. He has been mad about comic books since he was a child, especially American superheroes (the great era of "Strange"). Callède discovered French Belgian comic books in all their diversity at high school thanks to a classmate. Mézières, Tardi, and Moebius were the first to have an impact on him. He had been drawing and writing his own stories since the age of 10. Aiming first of all to be an artist, he even wrote to Uderzo at the age of 11 through the publisher Albert-René to find out how to realise this vocation. He was very disappointed to receive the following reply: "I would encourage you to have a real profession on the side, young man!" Nevertheless, Callède followed this wise piece of advice and studied history. He passed his teaching exam in 1994. Once he had achieved this goal, he shut the door on education in order to dedicate himself to realising his dream of becoming a comic book author. Over the next few years he did his military service, odd jobs, and sent several projects to publishers, in all sorts of styles. The only answer he received at this time: a letter from the editor-in-chief of Spirou, who wrote: "This profession is not for you"... However, not everyone held this opinion! First contact with the publisher Delcourt in 1998 for the series "Comptine d'Halloween". He first drew several panels, but he was kindly made to understand that his style needed perfecting. The publisher put him in contact with the young artist, Denys. This was the beginning of a collaboration for six albums: the trilogy "Comptine d'Halloween" (2000), then the series "Dans la nuit" (2003). Callède now focused exclusively on writing scripts. Then followed "Enchaînés" with Gihef, published by Vents d'Ouest (2004), and "Tatanka" with Séjourné, published by Delcourt (2005). The author is currently preparing three new series for the publisher Dupuis. The first is "Haute sécurité" with Gihef. Besides comic books, Callède loves peace and quiet, walking in the mountains, basking on wild beaches, and reading books on spirituality. He even practises Zen meditation several times a day.