Christophe Lemoine

After having been an actor, director, international spy and a registry assistant in an accounting firm, Christophe Lemoine decided to devote himself body and body (he's not sure he has a soul) to writing. And he's been writing relentlessly ever since. Funny stories, not funny stories, stories for kids, stories for kids who've grown up, plays, TV and film scripts, comic books, shopping lists, other not-so-respectable things, anonymous letters and autobiographies for his publisher's website. He co-wrote "Les trois imposteurs," for Glénat publishing, and has also adapted several novels into comic books, amongst which are "Arthur et les Minimoys" and "La Guerre des boutons," both with Cécile on the artwork. The duo's most recent collaboration is "Clara," a highly moving work about a little girl coping with grief.