Sébastien Tessier, known as Damour, was born on 19 July 1972 in La Roche sur Yon in Vendée. He would have liked to have been born in Salvador da Bahia in Brazil but that was not something he could choose. He began drawing at a very early age and became acquainted with comic books at the age of nine. He joined Jacques Golly (a painter to whom he owes a lot) at the Ma Gomme studio. After passing a science-based baccalaureate "despite himself", he went to Bordeaux' school of art and design with the intention of becoming an art teacher. He quickly abandoned this idea and, thanks to the kindly intervention of Didier Crisse (thank you godfather!), he met the publisher Delcourt at the fair in Angoulême in 1994. He then initiated a cyber-punk project with Jean-Pierre Pécau writing the script, Vincent Rueda in charge of design, and Pierre Schelle and Stéphane Rosa for the colours. The "Nash" series was published under the "Série B" label. Damour revealed his attraction for science fiction, strongly influenced by Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. His graphic influences began with Moebius, then Bernet, Liberatore and finally Toppi, Mignola and François Boucq. There are also many cinematographic references including David Lynch, Fellini, Jim Jarmusch, Kitano and Terry Gilliam. After nine volumes of "Nash", and an album for Humanoïdes Associés, Damour entered the "Empreinte(s)" collection, published by Dupuis, offering his talent as a realist artist for the major collective project, "Pandora Box". He was responsible for volume 7 of the series entitled "La Colère". He would now like to turn to thrillers and crime fiction, and hopes to write and create his own album nourished by his own universe, a sombre and surrealist bestiary filled with grotesque monsters and semi-erotic creatures. He signs his work with the pseudonym Damour not through coquetry, but as a veiled reference to his mother's maiden name.