Falzar was born in Mons on 15 April 1961 and trained both as a primary school teacher and a criminologist; however, his two professions are far removed from these beginnings. What they have in common is caring for the population's mental health. In fact, he organises group sessions in a psychiatric hospital and also writes texts for humorous cartoons. He was an avid reader of books and cartoons from his earliest childhood and found happiness in drawing and, in particular, writing stories. In 1991, he encountered a neighbour, Zidrou, who suffered from the same disease. Together they felt they were strong enough to confront the publishers and founded a "studio" for cartoon texts enabling them to put their ideas into action. This led to cartoon pages for Spirou (including the exploits of "Jonny Têtard" for the cartoonist Blatte), for the Bonjour and Dauphin publications from Éditions d'Averbode. Their first joint major series was launched at Casterman with the cartoonist De Brab: from 1992 to 1997, "Margot et Oscar Pluche" appeared in six albums from this publishing house, before they joined the large team at Spirou and continued their career in albums under the title of "Sac à Puces", in tribute to the story's main hero, Margot's dog, who lives an almost clandestine life within the little girl's home. Concealed behind the humour, each volume of this family tale delivers a little message. Falzar takes pleasure in improving the quality of the life of his readers and patients. At Éditions Bilboquet d'Averbode, he also produced a pleasant cartoon album for young readers ("Lou et Loulou"), With or without Zidrou, he continues to participate actively in Spirou magazine writing short cartoons and complete stories for many cartoonists - many of which will certainly end up working with Falzar on his major series in the future.