Born in Paris on 27 September 1959, Jean-Louis Janssens studies decorative arts and then moves on to graphic arts, resulting in a career in communication. He writes his first scripts for Eric Maltaite: the series of complete stories of Nationale Zéro, in SPIROU as of 1995. For the same weekly he then creates a series of superheroes completely off their trolleys, illustrated by Mauricet. Their bizarre feats are collected in a book (Cosmic Patrouille, 2000) by Sémic, a production company in France of the majority of comic strips devoted to real American superheroes. At that same time, he begins to write the scripts for the Zappeurs of Ernst, starting with book 8 (Zappez manège!) of this series. This does not stop him from also working for Bayard Presse and MICKEY, creating illustrations for their magazines. He belongs to the new generation who begins to consider the Internet as a creative instrument, and has adopted information science to express himself.