Jean Léturgie

Born in Caen on 24 December 1947, Jean Léturgie begins his career as the secretary of Serge Reggiani before conquering the world of comic strips, armed with his well-filled address book. He becomes press attaché for Éditions Glénat in 1979, contributes to CAHIERS DE LA BANDE DESSINÉE and CIRCUS, and writes the script of "Percevan" for Philippe Luguy in GOMME. Together with Xavier Fauche he is admitted to the citadel of Morris, and provides him with some of the best Lucky Luke stories after Goscinny before he starts on those of the dog "Rataplan" and the try-out of "Kid Lucky". Still with his loyal partner, he writes the scripts for the animations of the cowboy who shoots faster than his shadow. The same duo teams up with Yvan Delporte for the television episodes of the Tifous, based on the charming characters created by André Franquin. At the same time, Jean Léturgie continues to develop his network, takes part in the creation of Éditions Dessis, becomes the literary manager of Alpen in 1989 and finally decides to found his own publishing house in 1996, named Eigrutel - or Léturgie inversed. Rumour has it that he wrote, under the pseudonym J. Van Linden, the scripts of the saucy work inspired by Natacha de François Walthéry, with the unofficial blessing of the artist in question: "Nathalie, la petite hôtesse", "Stéphanie, la petite duchesse" and "Magali, la petite infirmière". As the boss of a publishing company and the father of an excellent illustrator, Simon, he can have the best of both worlds, working out the scripts he has in his head: "Polstar", "Tatsoin", "Tekila". The Humour Libre collection offers a new battlefield to father and son, even reinforced by the diabolical Yann with his artillery of gags and large-calibre puns. Will "Spoon & White" wipe out Eigrutel? Or will the latter buy Éditions Dupuis back? The future will tell, but whatever the outcome, the infernal trio is determined to blast Dirty Harry, San Antonio, Sylvester Stallone and other muscular killing machines of the old days straight into the old folks' home.