Johan De Moor

Most people actually have a choice as to whether or not they get mixed up in the world of comic books, but not Johan De Moor! As Bob De Moor's son, he joined his father at studio Hergé in the early 80s. He developed "Quick and Flupke" for animation and a remake of "Haute Tension." He broke away from the 'clear line' style with "Gaspard de la Nuit," which he produced with Stephen Desberg. The partners then went on to create the "La Vache" adventures for the legendary pages of "A Suivre," where their eccentric humor hit the bull's eye. Johan De Moor is also well-known in Belgium as an advertising and press illustrator. In fact, he has for years been trying to brighten up the sad state of our world today with his cutting but poignant press sketches, brought together in "12 Septembre" (Le Lombard). He demonstrates a highly original point of view that has attracted, amongst others, Arno, the Flemish singer who often invites De Moor to do live illustration during his concerts. Looks like kindred spirits do sometimes manage to find each other! De Moor continued his collaboration with Le Lombard with "Le Dernier Livre de la Jungle" (4 volumes in the Polyptique collection, "The Last Jungle Book," 2016 Europe Comics), for which he was the colorist, with Stephen Desberg on the scenario and Henri Reculé on illustration.