Jordi Tarragona Garcia

Jordi Tarragona grew up in the streets of Cerdanyola del Valles, in Barcelona province. His childhood leisure activities were split between "Spiderman" comics and television series such as "Mazinger 7". This undoubtedly left its mark on him! As a teenager, he created a fanzine with his friends called "Boom Comics", where he wrote, illustrated and inked 5 issues. Later, he was published in the erotic magazine "Kiss Comix", then began working as an inking assistant for Rafa Sandoval and Roger Bonnet ("Young X-men", "Ultimate-Enemy"), who were illustrators and inkers for Marvel. In 2009 he started working as an inker for American publications. Today he inks publications for DC comics, Marvel and Valiant. Among these are "Avengers Academy", "Zombies Christmas Carol" and "X-Men Legacy", illustrated by David Baldeon, and "Catwoman", and "Red Hood and the Outlaws", illustrated by Rafa Sandoval. "Les Prométhéens" (The Prometheans) is his first Franco-Belgian comic.