Luc Brunschwig

Born in Belfort on 3 September 1967, Luc Brunschwig studied advertising at the University Institute of Technology (UIT) in Illkirch. In 1989, he organised the first "Carrefour de l'Illustration du Livre pour Enfants" with the UIT, where he met Laurent Hirn, for whom he wrote the script for the "Pouvoir des Innocents" series (Delcourt). Still working for the same editor, he tackled the short saga of the Vauriens with Cagniat in 1995 and "L'esprit de Warren" in 1996. The author of two stories in Je Bouquine in the mid 1990s, he also devised "Nique la Crise" for the cartoonist Pontarolo (Vents d'Ouest, 1995) and at the Audincourt Festival in 1996 he had a work edited which had been illustrated by Hirn, Crespin and Baudoin and which was called "Sixty Bloc", a history of the suburbs since the 1960s. After these productions of limited duration, he committed himself to long-drawn-out series, mainly for Humanoïdes Associées, with "Urban Games" (illustrated by Cagniat and Hirn) and "Angus Powderhill" (illustrated by Vincent Bailly). His revival and transformation of a script by Mic Mac Adam attracted a great deal of attention at Dargaud and made Benn very enthusiastic about this character, whose first adventures had been published during the 1980s in Spirou based on scripts by Stephen Desberg. At the same time, he was composing "Makabi", a great modern thriller, for Neuray and the Repérages de Dupuis collection.