Born on the 5th of May 1975, at Uccle in Brussels suburbs where Pierre Culliford, aka Peyo, spent most of his career, young François Maingoval has always been influenced by this prestigious author. For a long time, his parents rented the apartment formerly rented by the artist and the baby's first bedroom was the room in which the illustrator started his career! Serious studies transformed him into a civil engineer, but he nevertheless did not neglect his passion for comics. He started writing his first stories between ten and fourteen years old, then rejoiced when viewing some of his illustrated gags in the comic book TINTIN in the 80's. He participated in diverse fanzines as writer or interviewer but professional opportunities were scarce for an animator in the middle of his training. He wrote some humoristic scenarios for Jean-Louis Dress and Védé which were published in street magazines sold by volunteers, like RUE DU SOURIRE and BOULEVARD DU RIRE. In 1998, he joined with the French illustrator François Dutreil to find a script-writer on the web. They produced together the "Ada Enigma" trilogy, edited by Glénat between 2000 and 2002. In 2003, at the same editor, he wrote the script of the "Barbara Wolf" album ("Meurtre sans mobile") for Marivain. This crime investigation pushed Denis Lapière to ask him to participate in the conception of the framework of the series "La clé du mystère", illustrated by Sikorski by Dupuis and which presents the originality to propose to the reader the opportunity to discover by himself the guilty character before reading to the last pages, which are sealed.