Marc Cuadrado

Marc Cuadrado was born in Oran, Algeria on 29 January 1959, and due to circumstances became a great traveller. The family returned to France in 1963 to live in the Paris region where his father had found work. Marc lived in Aulnay-sous-Bois and Bondy, amongst other places, before rediscovering the Mediterranean climate when the family moved to Nice in 1976. In 1979, he enrolled in the Decorative Arts course in Nice and obtained a degree in 1985 following his military service. From 1983 to 1991, he was employed as the sole illustrator working for the Nice-Matin newspaper where he produced over 2000 drawings: references to minor social events, humorous press reviews and small strip cartoons, with two main cartoons centred on the "Commères Ficanas" (in which two gossips from Nice comment upon local news) and the "Prencongé" family (the holiday trials and tribulations of an average Nice family). At the same time, Cuadrado started up his own advertising agency in Antibes in 1986, specialising in humorous drawings for corporate advertising and internal publications of the Crédit Agricole in the Alpes Maritimes, for the Lyonnaises des Eaux, etc. Any future researchers will have their job cut out to discover everything he has created! In 1995, he closed his agency and moved to Canada. He lived in Montreal until 1999, where after three years he and his wife took up dual Franco-Canadian nationality. He canvassed for work all over the place and was given regular orders in around fifteen local magazines and educational publishing houses. He illustrated five books for children and actively collaborated in the humorous magazine Safarir (who subsequently took up his "Parker" and "Badger"). Whilst in Canada he submitted the fantasies of a very unusual teenage girl to Casterman. Three albums of "Norma" appear nice and regularly in 1998, 1999 and 2000. In 1999, Cuadrado returned to France and lived for one year in Lyon, from where he continued to work for Canadian magazines via the Internet. However, the climate was still not sunny enough and he moved to Avignon in June 2000. There he created Parker and Badger for Éditions Dupuis and ever since has devoted all his time to this adventure, even refusing, much to his sorrow, many requests for work from his Canadian friends. He only continues to work for a couple of magazines in Quebec in order to keep his hand in.