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Belgium-born Mythic began a career as an artist after dabbling in children's theatre. He took part in many expositions in Belgium and abroad. In 1974, he was listed as one of the 10 best graphic designers of the 20th century. His writing career began first with several short-story compilations, then novels and bande dessinée (comic book) scenarios. He collaborated with Mark Hardy, Yann and Conrad, Rosinski and Disano. Mythic also wrote several “Natacha” scenarios for Walthery. For Le Lombard he writes the comical scenarios of “Gowap” and the semi-realistic adventures of “Rubine” Following the death in April 96 of writer Pascal Renard, Mythic takes over from tome 3 the hyper-realistic series “Alpha” with Yuri Jigounov. In 2004 the Belgium Chamber of BD Experts attributed the Grand Prix to Mythic for the scenario of “Premonitions”.

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