Born on the 5th of September 1978 at Libramont, Stéphane Dauvin goes to secondary school for five years before specialising in graphics at Arts Appliqués at Dinant. He then goes to Saint-Luc in Liège. He sends files to the editorial department of Spirou and gets small illustration jobs and features. He also publishes a few plates in Fluide Glacial. It is a small publishing house that publishes his first albums, however: the "S.O.S. Shobiz" series, of which three titles appear as of 2002, and, more recently, a humoristic narrative of the world of the fire brigade. Stédo's great talent at describing a specific professional environment with such devastating humour makes him the ideal candidate to take over from Olis when the latter is ready to pass on "Garage Isidore" after 8 titles in this series. In 2003, still with scripts from François Gilson, "Panne d'allumage" constitutes his first work on this character and his first album at Dupuis.