A true master of all aspects of scriptwriting, Yann has many different faces. Funny, cynical, fierce, sometimes romantic, passionately interested in history, avidly curious, he is in his element when writing with an acid pen, producing stories that are always original, full of vicissitudes and based on his wide knowledge and perfectly documented learning. An inveterate lover of repartee, he endows each of his creations with savoury dialogue. Born in Marseilles on 25 May 1954, he spends time in Brittany before moving to Brussels, his present place of residence. He first works in advertising and architecture before immersing himself in comic books, producing a limited number of "Cartes Blanches" on the theme of Balac the schoolboy for Spirou magazine in 1974. After a brief period with Curiosity Magazine, his partnership with Conrad will shake the foundations of the venerable publishing house of Marcinelle from 1978 on. Although they still manage to disguise their revolutionary character when illustrating "Jason" based on a script by Mythic, the two redoubtable companions put their time in the attic of Spirou to good use, spending their nights studying the strips brought to them by their colleagues and dreaming up "top of the page" caricatures that are particularly critical of their elders and anybody else within range. Thirsting for revenge, they start on their first major adventure series. Their characters are the exact opposite of the traditional comic book hero. Their out-of-control trio, the "Innommables", will ultimately find refuge in Dargaud's catalogue. Then they let their evil talents loose on the myth of Bob Morane, producing two "Bob Marone" albums for Glénat before parting to each pursue works revolutionising the comic book genre. Although he sometimes still amuses himself with the odd bit of crayoning for his illustrators, Yann soon realises that illustrating is not the medium that will allow him to rapidly unleash all the ideas bubbling up to the surface from the depths of his imagination. Wanting to supply all the publishers on the market with a number of series, he resolutely turns his back on drawing and focuses his attention on writing for a veritable army of illustrators. This leads him to lend his punchy style to Frank Le Gall ("Yoyo" and an episode of "Théodore Poussin"), Marc Hardy ("La Patrouille des Libellules", "Lolo et Sucette", "Croqu' la vie"), Yslaire (the first episode of "Sambre"), François Avril ("Le Voleur de ballerines"), Yves Chaland ( a number of "Freddy Lombard" episodes), Denis Bodart ("Les Affreux", "Nicotine Goudron", an episode of "Chaminou")), Batem and André Franquin ("Le Marsupilami"), Olivier Neuray ("Nuits blanches"), Philippe Bercovici ("Léonid et Spoutnika"), Marc Michetz ("Tako"), Édith ("Basil et Victoria"), Louis Joos ("S.O.S. Aïcha"), Berthet ("Pin up"), Fabrice Lamy ("Colt Walker"), Laurent Verron ("Odilon Verjus"), Morris ("Lucky Luke"), etc. Having put his pawns in place at nearly all the comic book publishers of any importance, he makes a grand entrance at Dupuis, writing epic stories for René Hausman in "Aire Libre" ("Les Trois cheveux blancs" and "Le Prince des écureuils"), the "Chasseurs d'étoiles" saga for Wozniak and a number of particularly spicy series for the "Humour Libre" collection: "Lolo et Sucette", "Spoon & White" and the "Sales petits contes" anthologies. Today, Yann incontestably numbers among scriptwriters in the profession, whose talent cannot be ignored, but who are disappointingly few in number.