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V.1 - Elma - A Bear's Life

Mazé Léa  & Chabbert Ingrid


Zusammenfassung des Herausgebers Europe Comics

Elma is a joyful, free-spirited child who is being raised by a bear she thinks of as her father. But Papa Bear is hiding a secret, and the close-knit duo must make a long and perilous journey to begin a mysterious new life beyond the forest. Adventure and danger are in store as they discover the linked secrets of Elma's past and future."Elma: A Bear's Life is a stunningly beautiful graphic novel that fills the reader's heart with emotion. It's tender, warm, and in the same time holds a melancholic tone."  "This. Was. Amazing. This short graphic novel made me feel things and I was not prepared for that. The illustrations are GORGEOUS! The story was compelling and has left me wanting so much more of this."  "I admit to feeling teary-eyed at the end of this" NetGalley Reviews2020 Eisner Award Nominee for Best Digital Comic, with another nomination to Léa Mazé for Best Painter/Digital Artist

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Band : 1/2 - Elma - A Bear's Life 1. The Great Journey