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V.2 - C.3 - Bloodborne

Ales Kot  & Piotr Kowalski  & Brad Simpson


Inhaltsangabe des Verlags Titan Comics

The city of Yharnam: an ancient, gothic metropolis and home to the Healing Church. Founded by Laurence, the first vicar, the church has become renowned for its miraculous blood-based curatives, attracting the sick and afflicted to Yharnam from far and wide. However, recent days have seen the city fall foul to a nightmarish plague known as the Ashen Blood disease, the source of which remains a mystery. Hunters now stalk the streets in search of beasts as the moon hangs ominously low in Yharnam’s sky, while two unlikely citizens search for answers…

Fortsetzung der Inhaltsangabe

Band : 2/3 - Bloodborne - Volume 2 - The Healing Thirst - Chapter 3