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V.3 - C.2 - Elric

Julien Blondel  & Jean-Luc Cano  & Julien Telo  & Robin Recht  & Jean Bastide  & Edward Gauvin


Inhaltsangabe des Verlags Titan Comics

After a self-imposed exile from his home on the Dragon Isle, Elric of Melnibone seeks solace in isolation, hoping to escape the horrors of his past. But with the power of furious gods, and his sword Stormbringer hungry for souls, he can never be free of the darkness. Not when it lives inside him… After having free the sailor Smiorgan from violent captors, Elric accepts his help on a quest when he is summoned to an affluent city of merchant princes. There he meets the endearing yet furtive heiress who entreats the White Wolf to reunite with her lost love. Drawn to the task by a dark and treacherous feeling, Elric accepts. But as they begin their journey across the sea, a terrible maelstrom engulfs the ship, leaving them in grave peril.

Fortsetzung der Inhaltsangabe

Band : 3/5 - Elric - Volume 3 - Elric: The White Wolf - Chapter 2