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V.1 - C.3 - Anno Dracula: 1895 - Seven Days of Mayhem

Kim Newman  & Paul McCaffrey  & Bambos Georgiou  & Kevin Enhart


Inhaltsangabe des Verlags Titan Comics

Whilst London prepares to celebrate Prince Dracula’s 10th anniversary, his secret police force, The Grey Men are purging the streets of any and all political malcontents and miscreants, including the Council of Seven Days – an anarchist cell. Meanwhile, vampiric journalist Kate Reed and the surviving members of the Council are now running for the lives following a police raid on their headquarters and are unaware that the Grey Men have secreted one of their own among their dwindling membership. Moreover, Kate’s friend, Penny Churchward – who has been summoned to the Tower of London to be appointed overseer of the Jubilee celebrations, has stumbled into the presence of an ancient, unbelievably-evil, undead vampire legend that rumor has it frightens even Prince Dracula himself…

Fortsetzung der Inhaltsangabe

Band : 1 - Anno Dracula: 1895 - Seven Days of Mayhem - Volume 1 - Chapter 3