Author biography Cornette

Born in Uccle on 3 May 1966 and he has been prematurely attracted by the drawings, Jean-Luc Cornette followed the classic path of the Brussels' amateurs at the Saint-Luc Institute : artistic humanities then, in 1986, the higher cycle in comics, from where he graduated three years later and after having published his first essays in the ephemera TINTIN REPORTER. With his friend Sergio Salma, he took on SPIROU where he drew, script-wrote and conceived some animations, putting itself at the service of young authors (Bruno Wesel, André Taymans, Carine De Brabanter). During three years, he illustrated the column "Sauvons la planète" and assumed the colouring of the series "Starbuck" of Philippe Foerster (three albums chez Dupuis in 1990 and 1991) as well some "Gorilles de l'Apocalypse" of Antonio Cossu (at the publisher Humanoïdes Associés in 1990). He become a specialist for training to comics initiation and workshops to this form of art at the Belgium Centre for comic-strip (Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée) from 1992, in various Brussels schools, at the University of Moncton (New Brunswick, in Canada, in 1994), festivals (Blois, Angoulême and Flamanville) and the jail of Blois, etc... In parallel, he launched with Foerster and Cossu the Productions Oro with their review BRAZIL and he is producing the illustration and/or the writing of books for children in the collection JE BOUQUINE, at Casterman (two parts of the "Enfants terribles" : Maxime Maximum, then Andréléphant), at the Rouergue editions ("Le bison qui inventa le bisou", illustrated by José Parrondo), etc. Colorist, he works on the series "Charlotte" of André Taymans at Casterman, before giving it back to Bruno Wesel. From time to time, he is a complete author: "Sousoupe" (a comic of twenty pages at Rêves-en-Bulles and Oro in 1994), some collaborations in A SUIVRE and FLUIDE GLACIAL, "Visite guidée" at the Humanoids (a 120-page large album in 2001), etc. He is also a brilliant scriptwriter with the series "Robert et les Monstres" for Christophe Hanzé (two parts at Casterman in 1996 and 1998) and the recent "Colombia" for Christian Durieux at Delcourt. It is for the same publisher Durieux that he has written and launched in 2005 the series "Central Park" where daily life mixes with fantastic.

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