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Alex Alice

Author biography Alex Alice

Alex Alice is a French graphic novel writer and artist, working in France and sometimes the U.S. Born in 1974, he grew up in the south of France and had the chance to travel around Europe, where he developed a life-long passion for the ruins and castles of the medieval and romantic ages.This infused his art, from the grim medieval setting of esoteric thriller The Third Testament (1997-2003, co-written with Xavier Dorison) to the primeval, mythic world of Siegfried (2007-2011), an operatic re-telling of the northern saga of the great dragon-slayer.In Castle in the Stars, he draws on Jules Verne and nineteenth century romanticism to create a watercolor world of adventure and wonder, to enchant adults and younger readers alike. His works have been translated in more than 15 languages.

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