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Alice Picard

Author biography Alice Picard

Alice Picard was born in Bordeaux, 1975. She discovered the world of comic books through series such as "Le Génie des Alpages" and "Passagers du Vent," but her true inspiration came from a different source. When Alice was 7 years old, her parents moved into a chateau in Périgord. They occupied just one wing, and the rest of the building was uninhabited. Alice spent two years exploring this magical place; its ancient cellars, the various little nooks and crannies, the huge park, coming up with all sorts of wonderful stories. Her later reading consisted of Terry Pratchett's "Discworld", "Harry Potter" and Ismail Kadaré's "Le Palais de Rêves." Alongside her love of fantasy literature, Alice also discovered a sensibility towards works by illustrators such as Yoshitaka Amano, Alan Lee, Brian Froud, Arthur Rackham, Brom, Ivan Bilibine and Leon Bakst. After high school and a detour via marketing illustration, Alice enrolled at the prestigious Gobelins Art School. Once she'd got her diploma under her belt, she made her way into another "wonderful world": Disney Studios. It was working on "Tarzan" that this young illustrator made her first steps as a professional artist. Once the film was released, Alice became part of the 3D animation team at Kalisto, a video game producer. That was where she met Marc Moreno, artist of "Le Régulateur" (Delcourt 2002), who introduced her to her writer, Corbeyran. Whenever her schedule allows, Alice travels. She travels both to recharge her batteries and expose herself to new ideas and atmospheres, feeding her imagination. In 2002, Alice finally fulfilled her desire to create comic books in doing the artwork for "Weëna, Atavisme" (Delcourt), the first volume of an epic fantasy series created with Corbeyran. Five more volumes have since been released, following which she continued her collaboration with Corbeyran on the "Okhéania" series (Dargaud Benelux 2008, Europe Comics 2017), set in a land where the ocean is a great sea of leaves, yet another beautiful image from a boundless imagination.

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