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Anne Toole

Author biography Anne Toole

Writers Guild Award winner Anne Toole is a creative writer whose credits include games, television drama, short-form digital series, animation, comics, and short fiction. With a penchant for telling stories with a light tone and a dark underbelly, she prefers writing contemporary mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, and the occasional romance. Her work will next appear on Netflix's CANNON BUSTERS, premiering in 2019. Anne won a Writers Guild Award for her work on the hit video game HORIZON: ZERO DAWN. She also served as Lead Writer for ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS: THE PHARAOHS CURSE. In addition, Anne wrote for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a contemporary adaptation of Pride & Prejudice which won an Emmy. She also created the webseries ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE for MDR. Anne has spoken at NAB, GDC, South by Southwest, and Comic-con International. She has also served as Vice Chair of the International Games Developers Association (IGDA). Aside from her creative writing, Anne has contributed over 200 blog posts on working with writers, writing and designing games, and virtual collaboration at the Writers Cabal Blog. She also tweets on game design, television, comics, and other nonsense. You can follow her @amely. Anne graduated from Harvard with an ever-so-useful degree in Archaeology. She also studied abroad in Egypt under Kent Weeks shortly after he discovered KV5, the tomb of Pharaoh Rameses' sons. Anne is originally from the East Coast and currently resides in West Hollywood beside litigious neighbors. Born in France, she holds both EU and US passports. When she's not writing, she researches subjects like addiction, the Puritans, and business management, in no particular order.

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