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Author biography Christopher

Christopher was born in England. The sexual innuendo behind the year of his birth ('69) was to leave him perplexed throughout his youth in Aix-en-Provence. This Englishman from Marseille went up to the French capital to study graphics and finally realised that there was a C inset in the Carrefour logo. But this discovery did not prevent our Englishman from Marseille and now Paris from taking up the comic strip by creating "la Comédie illustrée" (illustrated comedy). Quickly joined by a whole band of poor innocents like himself, it was revealed to him that Moebius and Giraud were one and the same. This had an effect on his state of mind, and this Stakhanovist of the drawing board exiled himself to Tours in 1999 with his wife and child. Now that he is an Englishman from Tours as well as Paris and Marseille, he devotes his time to telling stories from daily life (the series "les filles" published by Carabas, "All I Need Is Love" published by Panini...) in the Cachalot studio hoping that the next revelation will not be a miracle that will force him to flee somewhere else again.

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