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Author biography Ers

Benoît Ers was born in Liège (Belgium) on 20 July 1971. Having lived in Ivory Coast for some years because that was where his father worked, he settles in France, in Sussy-en-Brie, and later in Epinal. He enrols in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts after winning the school cartoon competition in Angoulême. After six months he drops out of school again, because Marsu Productions offers him work. He returns to Liège and sets up his own studio as a freelance illustrator. He becomes assistant to Olivier Saive, working as an advertising executive and illustrator of the magazine of the Belgian federation for submarine research and activity. At that same time he starts out as an illustrator of columns in Spirou. He meets Dugomier (Vincent Lodewick) who soon becomes his friend and working partner. After his military service, the pair of them start on the series "Muriel et Boulon" (6 albums published) which appears at Le Lombard from 1995 to 2001. In the end, the adventures of Muriel and Boulon have to leave the field to the Démons d'Alexia, a new series created with Dugomier, the first volume of which appears at Editions Dupuis in March 2004.

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