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Falzon Joseph

Author biography Falzon Joseph

French artist Joseph Falzon prepared his entry into the comics world by studying at the renowned Saint-Luc Institute in Brussels. There, he developed a lively and fluid drawing technique, which evolved with his projects. One of his first efforts, "Jours de Cendre" (2010, Sarbacane), is a silent narrative based on the idea of smoke invading a city, allowing Falzon to experiment with a more charcoaled graphic style. He then met Thomas Cadène during the creation of the bédénovella "Les Autres Gens" (Dupuis), for which he drew a few episodes. Since then, the two have continued their collaboration on other projects, including in 2018 the graphic novel sensation "Alt-Life" (Le Lombard; Europe Comics in English), a sci-fi/fantasy tale which has made a splash across the francophone press.

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