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Author biography Feroumont

Benoît Feroumont was born in 1969 in Belgium, and was one of four children. Naturally drawn to drawing, the young Benoît was lucky enough to have a grandfather who was a wood craftsman and advertising professor in Liege to advise him on his progress. Mostly motivated by his love of image, Benoît read a lot of comic books and also discovered the joys of animated movies during an internship. Ever since he was a teenager, he split his time between the two disciplines that would structure his life. At 18-years-old he enrolled at the Saint-Luc School in Liège, and came out a few years later with a comic book and illustration diploma under his belt. He soon realized that he had a little more work to do before going pro, and so decided to do some time at the La Cambre animation school in Brussels. His student portfolio was noticed at the fairs, one of his pieces, "Chapeaux," even winning international prizes. Following these promising beginnings in animation, the illustrator dedicated himself to cartoon animation, leaving comic books to one side, for a time. He created his own structure, using his know-how in the service of others, either in cinema or advertising. In 2000, he completed his first professional short-movie, "Bzz," which won him the Anima Grand Prix and was a front-runner for the Cartoon d'Or at Cannes and Annecy. Around the same time, Feroumont featured in Spirou mag, accompanied by debutant writer, Fabien Vehlmann. Together, they created several short stories, and the "Wondertown" series, a poetic urban fantasy, of which two volumes were released in the early 2000s. Following that, Feroumont moved on to more high-caliber projects, such as "Triplettes de Belleville" and "Brendan et le secret de Kells." In 2008, he directed a Tuscan-inspired animated tragicomedy short-film called "Dji Vou Veu Volti." His research for this 13 minute film would then serve as a basis for his comic book series "Le Royaume," published in Spirou mag the same year. With this charming medieval comedy, Feroumont made a name for himself as one of the pillars of contemporary Spirou. In 2013, he published erotic social satire "Gisèle et Béatrice" as part of the Aire Libre collection (2017 Europe Comics, "Gisele and Beatrice"). Both comic book artist and cartoon film director, Benoît Feroumont is one of the flagbearers of Spirou as we know it today. His humor and enthusiasm are transposed to all his characters.

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