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Forns Charline

Author biography Forns Charline

Born in 1991, Charline Forns quickly discovered a strong interest in horses and drawing, the latter of which was the subject of her studies in Nantes. Since graduation, she has worked as an artist with Fanny Ruelle on a series of novels about horses called "Mes amis les chevaux," and has worked as a colorist on the comics series "Les Arcanes de la lune noire" ("The Black Moon Arcana"), published by Dargaud/Europe Comics. At the same time, she continues to accept private commissions of various kinds, and in 2021 she launched the children's series "La Sentinelle du petit peuple" with publisher Dupuis (co-written by Véronique Barrau and Carbone, published in English in 2021 by Europe Comics under the title "The Keeper of the Little Folk").

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