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Graig Weich

Author biography Graig Weich

Graig F. Weich is Artist/Writer/Director/ & founder of his multi-media art studio: BeyondComics.TV . He creates IPs/source material to be license into movies, TV, video games & merch. As an independent artist, He broke in when Todd Mcfarlane hired him to draw the 2 page art in SPAWN #30 (Image Comics) at age 19 (Todd & Graig talk on it on Youtube). His Tribute comic "Justice" was honored with the Comic Book Museum Award +Stan Lee. Graig: "I had a lot to learn back then but now I understand & grew. I strive to improve." ✓He is on TLC, 20/20 ABC News, AMC TV's Comic Book Men (Kevin Smith), The Howard Stern Show , HUFF POST (Huffington Post), in Newsweek, LIFE, on VH1, Ice-T's Ice Loves Coco (E! Ent. TV), FOX, & CNBC. ✓He signed with 3 of Marvel Comics' distributors in US, UK, Canada, Asia, and soon in French, German, Italian, & Spanish. ✓His Facebook hit 49,000 Followers + 53,000 on Instagram & 3,800,000 views on YouTube. ✓His 2 Action Figures, Cleo & Tricity, sold-out worldwide from licensee. ✓ Coco showed his work to all 15 Million of her combined Followers! ✓Celebrity, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Mortal Kombat 11, The Man In The High Castle) joined Graig's company & stars in his work. ✓Graig directed films that WON HBO's UAS Award & NY Int'l Independent Film & Vid Fest. It stars: NBC's SCRUBS: Donald Faison, Grammy Winner: Coolio & Star Wars' Dave Prowse (Darth Vader). He donates his art to many charities to help raise money for children & animals in need. (He has walk-on roles in movies: The Dark Knight Rises & Spider-Man). He taught art class at 15, then began art programs & gave lectures at Universities: NYIT & SVA. He is currently working on many new comics. Graig: "I thank the fans, online & comic shops for keeping comics alive to inspire to go Beyond Comics!" FOLLOW: www.INSTAGRAM.com/GraigWeich www.YOUTUBE.com/BeyondComicsTV www.TWITTER.com/BeyondComics www.FACEBOOK.com/GraigWeich www.BeyondComics.TV

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