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Author biography Hubert

Hubert was born in 1971 in Saint-Renan, Finistère. He studied at the Beaux-Arts d'Angers where he met Yoann, who encouraged him to try his hand at comics. At first a colorist for Paul Gillon, Jason, David B., Tronchet, and Sean Phillips, Hubert gradually developed a color palette that was as elegant as it was thoughtful. But the young artist also had an appetite for scriptwriting, a discipline to which he quickly devoted himself. Hubert started "Le Legs de l'alchimiste" in 2002, with Hervé Tanquerelle (Glénat), and "Les Yeux verts" (Carabas) with Zanzim, whom he would meet again a few years later, for example on the diptych "Ma Vie posthume." Alternating light-hearted and more serious scenarios, Hubert often surprised his readers, even daring to deal with themes as complex as anorexia in "La Chair de l'araignée," with very aesthetic illustrations by Marie Caillou. The series "Miss Pas Touche" (Dargaud), illustrated by the Kerascoët duo, brought his work into the general public's eye in 2006. Hubert and Kerascoët then joined Dupuis for the series "Beauté" in 2011. This wonderfully illustrated tale, with its plot at once cruel, philosophical, romantic, and feminist, earned its authors a plebiscite and a pre-publication in the newspaper "Spirou." "Beauté," a medieval fantasy where the ugly Morue experiences the "pangs" of beauty following a spell, was selected for the International Comics Festival of Angoulême in 2012 and was awarded the Firecracker Alternative Book Award "Best Graphic Novel 2015" in the United States. An increasingly recognized scriptwriter, Hubert never neglect his work as a colorist, working on such prestigious series as "Spirou et Fantasio" by Yoann and Vehlmann, and the series "Atom Agency" by Yann and Schwartz (Dupuis; Europe Comics in English). In 2015, Hubert was awarded the prestigious Jacques-Lob award for his work as a whole. Sadly, Hubert passed away on February 12, 2020, shortly before the release of "Peau d'homme", illustrated by Zanzim. "Peau d'homme," a striking tale in which a young medieval woman experiences life in the body of a man, is remarkable not only because of its reflection on gender, but also the beauty of its illustrations. The album won numerous prizes, such as the Grand Prix RTL, the Prix Landerneau, the Prix Wolinski, the Grand Prix de la critique ACBD, and the Fauve des lycéens in Angoulême. In 2021, "Ténébreuse" was released posthumously, with illustrations by Vincent Mallié (Dupuis; Europe Comics in English). In this latest tale, a disgraced knight takes on a mission to restore his honor: save a mysterious princess who doesn't want to be saved...

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