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Jusseaume Patrick

Author biography Jusseaume Patrick

Patrick Jusseaume was born in 1951 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. After graduating from the fine arts school of Rouen, he went into education, teaching drawing for several years. He published his first few pages in 1982 with the publisher ID Program, before making his real debut in 1985 in the magazine ‘Vécu' by Glénat. Continuing his collaboration with Glénat, Jusseaume began work on a historical series called ‘Chronique de la maison Le Quéant,' together with scriptwriter Daniel Bardet (first volume published in 1986). In 1990, Jusseaume began working for the magazine ‘Je bouqine,' illustrating literary classics such as ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.' A few years later, in 1993, Jusseaume broke through in a big way with the maritime saga ‘Tramp,' alongside Jean-Charles Kraehn (Dargaud; Europe Comics in English, 2017). The long-running series, celebrated for its exotic adventures and spot-on detail, reached its 11th volume in 2017.

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