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Lamontagne Jacques

Author biography Lamontagne Jacques

Jacques Lamontagne is a Canadian illustrator born in Quebec in 1961. As an artist he began working for a variety of advertisement companies, publishers and magazines, including "Safarir" where he wrote and drew "Les Contes d'Outre-Tombe." He then created "Les Druides" (Soleil, 2005), and wrote the script for "Yuna" (Soleil, 2009), illustrated by Ma Yi. While creating "Aspic, détectives de l'étrange" (Quadrants, 2010), he also wrote the script for "Van Helsing contre Jack l'Éventreur" (Soleil, 2010) which earned him the Albéric Bourgeois award. Since then, Jacques Lamontagne has published three albums of "Shelton & Felter" (Kennes), and has set to work on the western epic "Wild West," alongside writer Thierry Gloris (Dupuis; Europe Comics in English).

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