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Laurent Galandon

Author biography Laurent Galandon

Laurent Galandon has built himself a reputation as a writer of the oppressed. In just five years, this author produced numerous comics of which the common point seems to be a desire to open the public's eyes to the fate of certain populations or individuals. From the deported children featured in "L'Envolée sauvage" (which was awarded several prizes, including the Angouleme Collegians Prize in 2008), to the gypsies of "Quand souffle le vent," to the kids of agricultural prison colonies in "Innocents coupables" or the Jews who fought in the French resistance during WWII in "Vivre à en Mourir" (2016 Europe Comics "Dying of Living"), Galandon likes telling the stories of the damned. This is rather a risky task which he always seems to handle with the utmost sensitivity in his multiple collaborations on one-shots and diptychs. His minimalist dialogues and the space left for silence and emotion have truly won over his readers.

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