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Author biography Lepage

Lepage was born on September 29th 1966 in Saint-Brieuc. At the age of 13, Lepage began developing his talent as a realist artist through both his own hard work and the careful guidance of the creator of 'Bizu', Jean-Claude Fournier. In 1983, the newspaper OUEST-FRANCE started featuring some of Lepage's illustrations. In the same year, they also published the artist's first full album, "La Fin du monde aura-t-elle lieu?", paid for out of Lepage's own pocket. Creator of the fanzine VOLAPUK, he had two albums of the "Aventures de Kelvinn" published by Ouest-France Publishing before he got his break with the major international comics' publishers. In 1990, Le Lombard took on two volumes of "L'Envoyé", written by Georges Pernin, based on Huguette Carrière's novel. He and the writer Dieter then got the series "Nevé" into Glénat, which later received the Ballon Rouge award at the Saint-Malo festival in 1992. With his elegant drawing style and remarkable gift as a colorist, he got the recognition he deserved when he got his work into the prestigious "Aire Libre" collection in collaboration the writer Anne Sibran. Originally planned for Casterman Publishing, "La Terre sans mal" reconstructs the lives of Amazonian Indians with incredible authenticity, as perceived by a French ethnologist while World War II was raging in Europe.

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