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Author biography Louis

Louis did his first comic book albums around the age of 6. Just one copy, manually bound – now that's what you call a vocation! Swept up in the wave of graffiti in the early 90s, he used marker pens to develop the dynamic style that would eventually make his dream come true. Following a little detour via I.T. teaching, he hooked his first press and advertising contracts and decided to chuck in the teaching and take a leap into the world of creative arts. It was thanks to the author Corteggiani that Louis broke his way into comic books. He then produced "Les Aventures de Tessa" with Nicolas Mitric, a series about an intergalactic agent that brought him great success. Later came Drones (2015 Le Lombard, 2016 Europe comics), which he did in collaboration with Sylvain Runberg. Over the years, Louis also started writing scripts, both for his own and friends' work. He's a perfectionist and hard-worker, and one of those self-taught talents, forged from frame to frame.

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