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Author biography Magda

Born in Brussels on 28 August 1956, Magda Seron has always dreamed of making comic strips, but was initially afraid to believe it was her destiny. This is why she self-imposed an intensive apprenticeship. While she studies the classical arts, becoming familiar with all the graphic forms of expression (advertising, painting, fashion design, documents design, etc.), she exercises with devotion: she copies the classical comic strips in her own way. In this manner she redraws an entire album of Tif et Tondu in realistic style! After a few years in advertising she goes into exile in Namur in 1977, and works in the studio of Édouard Aidans for three years. He lets her do lettering, colouring and other related small jobs. However, she soon learns to fly on her own, publishing "Tumak" in the daily Vers l'avenir, based on a script by Linsen. Her love of nature then prompts her to create two ecologists from Quebec, François Silence and Louise Saint-Louis in TREMPLIN, with a script from Chris Lamquet who then proposes her to do a series for the weekly TINTIN: "Marie Meuse et Gilles Roux", a duo of scientists always battling with strange phenomena. 1990 marks a turning point in Magda's career. Looking for innovation, she questions everything, adopts a new style, starts working with SPIROU and gives birth to "Charly", cycles of fantastic stories written by Denis Lapière. The young hero gradually grows up, but his extraordinary abilities of perception and nightmares from the past that regularly haunt him continue to direct his young existence toward an unknown destiny. The precision of the scenes and the clarity of the illustration give this story, based on adventure subjects used many times over in comic strips, an extraordinary realism.

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