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Matthieu Bonhomme

Author biography Matthieu Bonhomme

Matthieu Bonhomme was born in Paris in June 1973. From a very young age he started spending most of his free time drawing. As soon as he got the chance he launched himself into artistic studies, which he completed in 1992 with a diploma in applied arts. Then it was just a question of meeting the right people: first Christian Rossi, then Serge Le Tendre and Jean-Claude Mézières. He learned his art at their sides for 5 years, benefitting from their precious advice on the industry and all it encompasses. He was able to put what he'd learned into practice with the various press illustrations he did for Spirou, Je bouquine, Grain de soleil, Maximum D-lire, Image Doc etc. He then produced a 46-page album with Jean-Michel Darlot, published in installments from January to April 2000 in Okapi, before releasing it as a full album in 2002 (Carabas). He then spent two years in a workshop on Place des Vosges, where he met Fabien Vehlmann, who wrote him the script of the five-volume series of "Le marquis d'Anaon" (2002-2008 Dargaud), and Gwen de Bonneval, with whom he founded "L'Atelier du Coin." Bonneval and Bonhomme later worked together on "Messire Guillaume" (2006 Dupuis). Meanwhile, Bonhomme developed some solo projects, such as "L'Âge de raison" (Carabas), which won him the prize for best comic at Angoulême en 2003. In 2005 he started out on his most personal series to date: Esteban (2016 Europe Comics). It was first published in the magazine Capsule Cosmique, and then was continued in Spirou. Also available as full comics published by Dupuis. In 2008 he met Lewis Trondheim. Their collaboration gave rise to "Omni-visibilis" (2010 Dupuis), then the brutal Western "Texas Cowboys" volumes 1 and 2 (2011-2014 Dupuis). In 2016, to mark the 70-year anniversary of Lucky Luke, Bonhomme paid tribute to the most famous of comic book cowboys with his comic "L'homme qui tua Lucky Luke" (Lucky Comics, "The Man who Shot Lucky Luke" Europe Comics 2016), a whole new Lucky Luke adventure which even gives us the back-story to Lucky Luke's decision to forgo the tobacco habits of a lifetime...

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