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Author biography Merwan

The French creator Merwan is a graduate of the Ecole nationale des arts décoratifs. After passing through the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins, he first made his mark in the realm of video games and animation, working as a storyboarder. In 2002, he drew attention with his animated short film "Biotope," which he wrote and directed. Supported by the CNC and Arte, he continued the experience with a second animated short film titled "Clichés de soirée," selected for the "Cartoon d'or" prize in 2009. Later, Merwan's shift to the comics world took place with "Fausse garde" (Vents d'ouest, 2009) and "L'Or et le sang" (12bis, 2009), a saga involving creators Fabien Nury and Maurin Defrance. In 2010, in collaboration with Bastien Vivès, he began work on "Pour l'empire" (Dargaud; "For the Empire," Europe Comics), an engrossing adventure trilogy. He then followed this up with "Le bel âge" (Dargaud; "The Glory Days," Europe Comics). His most recent work is the immersive sci-fi graphic novel "Mécanique céleste" (Dargaud; "Aster of Pan," Europe Comics).

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