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Author biography Pecqueur

Daniel Pecqueur was born in Rouen in 1948. He first studied drama before dedicating himself to his other passion, car racing, taking part notably in the Formula 3 Championships. And it was his interest in the classic comics series "Michel Vaillant" that ultimately led him to his new life as a comics scriptwriter. His first work was "Légendes du chevalier Cargal," a heroic fantasy series illustrated by Gilles Formosa. In 1987, he then began the series "Thomas Noland" (Dargaud), illustrated by Franz, before creating "Marée basse" alongside Jean-Pierre Gibrat, as part of the "Long Courrier" collection (Dargaud). Following that, he joined up with publisher Delcourt to create the science fiction series "Golden City," illustrated by Nicolas Malfin; "Tao Bang," a two-part series co-written with Olivier Vatine and illustrated by Fred Blanchard and Didier Cassegrain; "Golden Club," in which he returned to the subject of car racing; and "Arctica," a fantasy series illustrated by Bojan Kovačević. In 2018 he was invited to write the script for the twelfth volume of "XIII Mystery" (Dargaud; Europe Comics/Cinebook in English), alongside artist Philippe Buchet.

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