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Philippe Buchet

Author biography Philippe Buchet

Philippe Buchet was born in 1962 in northeastern France. When he was in his last year of high school, he decided to give up his studies to devote himself to drawing. He settled in Paris were he first created illustrations for café storefronts. Then, he won a drawing competition for the cinema and worked for several months on the scenery and costumes for a science fiction film, which unfortunately was never released. After that he became a freelance illustrator, followed by a decade working for a company where he created marketing and communication materials in the form of comics. It was during these years that he met the scriptwriter Jean-David Morvan, who proposed a collaboration on the series "Nomad" (Glénat). Together, they then created "Sillage," a long-running science fiction series, with Buchet working as illustrator and colorist. Two art books are dedicated to his wide-ranging works: "Blockbuster: Art of Buchet" and "1000 Nävis." In 1998, Philippe Buchet was crowned best colorist at the festival of Solliès-Ville for the first volume of "Sillage." In 2006 and 2008, he also won awards at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. In 2018 he was invited to illustrate the twelfth volume of "XIII Mystery" (Dargaud; Europe Comics/Cinebook in English), alongside scriptwriter Daniel Pecqueur.

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