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Rossi Christian

Author biography Rossi Christian

Born in the north of Paris in 1954, Christian Rossi took his first shot at creating comics in 1973, with "Formule 1." It was in the early 1980s that he made his real entrance into the profession, however, after studying at the Estienne school in Paris, where he studied visual expression. He has an impressive gallery of characters to his name, and over the years contributed to such magazines and newspapers as "Pilote," "Pif," "Le Nouvel Observateur," "Le Point," "L'Écho des savanes," and "Je bouquine." A realist artist strongly influenced by such figures as Jijé and Jean Giraud, he has partnered with the likes of Philippe Bonifay and Serge Le Tendre. His work notably includes "W.E.S.T." (Dargaud; "Spooks," Cinebook), alongside writers Fabien Nury and Xavier Dorison, and volume nine of the "XIII Mystery" series, with Matz (Dargaud; Cinebook/Europe Comics in English).

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