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Roulot Tristan

Author biography Roulot Tristan

Tristan Roulot is a French journalist and scriptwriter, born in Rennes in 1975. After obtaining a Master's degree in law, he left the judicial sector to devote himself to comics. He started his scriptwriting career with the humorous series "Goblin's" (Soleil), illustrated by Corentin Martinage, which has become a great commercial success, with more than 200,000 copies sold. In Canada he met Patrick Hénaff, with whom he created "Le Testament du Capitaine Crown" (Soleil), a dark and violent two-part thriller. The pair later joined with Philippe Sabbah for "Hedge Fund" (Le Lombard), a financial drama at five volumes and counting. Roulot has gone on to create "Irons" (Le Lombard, with Luc Brahy), set in Canada, as well as "Arale" (Dargaud, with Denis Rodier), which reimagines a Russia that never was, blending fact and dark fantasy into a spellbinding fable on the price of power. Both titles are available through Europe Comics.

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