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Thomas Allart

Author biography Thomas Allart

Thomas Allart was born in Annecy in 1967. On graduating from high school, he enrolled at the Fine Arts school of his hometown, and then in Marseille, also participating in a few animated short films along the way. He completed his military service and went about 'finding himself' for a while... until 1997, when he revived his cartoon production activities and started working for an animation studio. Three years later, he published his first comic book, "Pandora" (Vents d'ouest, 2001) with Eric Stoffel on the script. Thomas has been alternating between the story-board and comic books ever since. On the animated cartoon front, he's been involved in the production of several successful feature-length movies, such as "Les Enfants de la pluie" (2003) and "La Reine Soleil" (2007). As for comic books, although he was enthralled with the medieval setting of "Pandora," he was soon seeking to experiment with alternative genres, most notably science-fiction. His encounter with Julian Blondel in a Marseille workshop allowed him to make the leap. Together they produced two volumes of "Orphelins de la tour (Delcourt 2007 and 2009). Following that, he created "H.S.E." (Dargaud 2012, Europe Comics 2017) with Xavier Dorison, a nail biting thriller, of which the third and final volume was published in 2016.

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