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Thomas Campi

Author biography Thomas Campi

Thomas Campi was born in Italy in 1975. After graduating from the art school "Dosso Dossi" in 1994, he began his career as an illustrator and graphic designer at the advertising agency Taibi & Taibi, illustrating texts for Zanichelli publishing. Three years later, he joined the studio run by Gerlano Bonazzi and Roberto Zaghi (both Italian comic book authors working for Bonelli publishing). That same year, he published his first comic book "Mem the seeker" (Comics&Dintorni 1997), with Stefano Vietti on the script. In 1999, he began illustrating the popular crime series "Julia" (Bonelli), created by Giancarlo Berardi. In 2008, alongside his continuing work on "Julia," he produced a comic book adaptation of Tolstoy's "War and Peace" (Adonis/Glénat), with the writer Brémaud. In 2010 began his ongoing collaboration with Belgian writer Vincent Zabus, with "Les Petits Gens" (Le Lombard). The next year he contributed to the charity project "Magnitude 9," (Ankama) a collection of illustrations dedicated to the victims of the Japan earthquake. In 2014 he was the only European artist to be nominated at the Spectrum 21 awards. Barely had he put the finishing touches to "Les larmes du seigneur afghan" (Dupuis 2014) with Zabus and renowned reporter Pascale Bourgaux on script, when he started on his latest project with Zabus, "Macaroni!" (Dupuis 2016, Europe Comics 2017), a touching graphic novel about Italian immigration.

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