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Vanna Vinci

Author biography Vanna Vinci

Vanna Vinci (Cagliari, 1964) entered the world of comics as an illustrator for the magazine "Fumée d'encre de Chine" in 1990, with two stories about the Naarik mummy. She then published "L'Autre Côté" (compiled in a color album in 1993), and "Double Rêve" in the magazine Nova Express. She also created the series "Regarde cette lune" (compilation published in 1998), written by Giovanni Mattioli, for the mini series "Mondo Naif", published by Star Comics. In 1996, still with Mattioli, she created "Une maison à Venise" for the Japanese publisher Kodansha, published in Italy in 1999. With Kappa publishing, she released "Ombres" (1997); "Regarde cette lune" (1998, G. Mattioli texts); "Lillian Brown" (2000); "L'Âge sauvage" (2001, still with Mattioli) which won her the Romics Prize in the best European book category; "Voyage Sentimental" (2002) and "Sophia" (2005, also available at Dargaud from August 2008). In 1998, some episodes of her stories appeared in the Mondo Naif magazine. She also collaborated with the magazine Legs Weaver, illustrating several stories for them. In Linus magazine in 2001 she published "La Petite Fille Philosophe". The same year, for the weekly Iodonna of the Corriere della Sera, she produced the story "Nocturne". Finally, she worked as an illustrator for Fabbri Editori, Mondadori, Il Battello a Vapore, the Italian Association of Libraries and Tam Tam. In 1999 she won the Yellow Kid prize for best artist.

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