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Author biography Vanyda

Vanyda created her first comic book at the age of 6-years-old. So it's only natural that she should later go on to specialize in comic book art at the Fine Arts Academy of Tournai (Belgium). When she finished her studies in 2001, she moved to Lille with four friends from her student days: François Duprat, David Bolvin, Rod and Nicolas Delestret. With Duprat, Vanyda produced the trilogy "L'année du dragon" (Carabas). She also produced two other trilogies by herself: "L'immeuble d'en face" (La Boîte à bulles) and "Celle que..." (Dargaud, Europe Comics 2016, "Valentine"). The latter was published as a compilation in 2015, and was republished as six hardback volumes in color by Dargaud between 2012 and 2014. In January 2014, Vanyda created the wonderful "Un petit gout de noisette" (Dargaud), a black and white graphic novel of love stories. Two years later, she was back again with a new one-shot, "Entre ici et ailleurs" (Dargaud). She's received awards at numerous comic book festivals, been nominated several times at Angouleme, and has also been awarded 'manga of the year' by the highly prestigious "Publishers Weekly" for the English edition of "L'immeuble en face."

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