Le Magicien de Whitechapel

"London, 1887. Jerrold Piccobello is one of Britain's finest magicians, and he's just been turned down at another audition like a nobody. Despondent, Jerrold returns to the place he grew up, the place where it all began. He was three when his mother died. His father was a professional card shark, but his career came to a abrupt end one night when he was caught cheating at craps with some serious players. Fearing these men might come after Jerrold and his sister, he entrusted them to the care of his former mistress, Jenny, the landlady of an East End pub called the Eagle. It was in this unusual setting that Jerrold grew up, and where he met Virgill Webb, the man who taught him all he knows about magic. And it is to this run-down part of town that he returns after his disastrous audition and where, not knowing who to turn to, he ends up selling his soul to the Devil..."

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