V.3 - Tramp

Kraehn (Jean-Charles) & Patrick Jusseaume

Tramp - Kraehn (Jean-Charles)
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Publisher's summary Europe Comics

Fate seems to have it in for Yann Calec, unjustly sentenced and harassed by guards in a godforsaken Colombian prison camp. He is saved from execution by when Ocaña shows up, a rebel intellectual tasked with smuggling him across the country to the mysterious Professor Condé. But the harrowing, perilous journey is nothing next to what awaits: a fortuitous return to the Belle Hélène, the doomed tramp steamer Calec once captained, still bound for its fateful date with a U-boat torpedo. Will Calec manage to save the ship and his new friends with their precious archeological cargo?

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Volume : 3/4 - Tramp 3. The Sacrificed Ship